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Registered Addhebei shijiazhuang
Type of businessfactory and plant trade company
Main MarketAsia, Australia, Africa, Europe, north and south america
Number of Employees500
Annual salesUSD 250000000
Established in1997
  • Yiteng Cable Technology Hebei Co., Ltd

The Vedio of the company office workshop  

Factory Name: Chinese           亿腾电缆科技河北有限公司

                         English            Yiteng Cable Technology Hebei Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr.Ma

Tel: +86-311-88837555 / 88838555 / 68022933 

Fax: +86-311-68022931

Email:  YT@cable-yt.com

Weisite: www.cables-yt.com


Address:  Area1 Donghai Building No.228 Jianshe North Street, Changan District, He Bei Province, China.

Yiteng Cable Technology Hebei Co., Ltd.

The factory  is located in Shijiazhuang Hebei Province. It is one of the largest enterprises that specialize in producing and selling power cables and electrical wires  and other cables and wires in North China. It is of convenient transportation as it is only 450km away from Xingang, Tianjin, China. 

A) Basic Information

Yiteng Cable Technology Hebei Co., Ltd.  is equipped with sophisticated manufacturing and testing equipment, and a complete testing system has been established,  which includes a full set of advanced testing equipment, such as


High voltage partial discharge tester

On line laterodeviation tester

Pressure Tester

Aging tester

Low temperature Bending tester machine

Burning tester

Insulation resistance testing machine

Electronic analysis balance

Fault locating instrument

Tension tester


These equipment and technologies guarantee that the production and testing processes are up to relevant standards, so that the products are satisfied by the requirements of clients doubtlessly.


Production Department 


1- Description and pictures of each production step

Drawing machine  – combining and stranding  – insulating  –  cabling  and wrapping  – ST or SW armoring (optional)-  braiding (optional)-   extruding sheathing - finished products and packing


1) drawing machine makes copper or aluminum rod into thinner wire, then stranded the wires into a bare conductor(copper or aluminum rod D 8mm into  min D 0.10mm )

Drawing Stranding machines

drawing and stranding.jpg

2) Insulating machines


3) Cabling : 


Steel Tape Armour Steel Wire Armour Braided screen 


4) Sheathing


5) finished products and packing  


4-Main raw materials purchased (local/import), describe raw materials warehouse dimensions and take picture dimensions

Local raw material:  PVC  /HMWPE / PE / XLPE / PVDF / LSOH PVC / TPE / Teflon /Rubber  etc 

Wooden drums / copper wire /aluminum wire rod /tinned copper

Import raw material: NO


5-End products warehouse (dimensions and pictures)


6-Production line

Wire Drawing machine/ stranding machine/ insulating machine/ braiding shield machine/steel tape armoring machine/ sheathing machine / testing equipment /etc.

7-Production Capacity 1,000,000 meters /Month   

Do they have power cuts?   NO    

8-Average Lead-time

Sample:  3 Days 

Production:   6  hours up  / 1-2  Weeks 

Quality Department

1-Number of workers in the department: 4

2- QC lab (picture)

A) Chemical/physical analysis  instrumental

3-Testing equipment for raw materials, production and final check.


-Raw material inspection

-in production inspection.    

-Final sampling production

4-Is there QC report next to machines? Next to production line? Bring example of QC reports (during production and final)

The QC report is next to production line.

During production and final,

they all bring the example of QC reports.

5- Do they provide with guarantee?  YES   

For how long?    12months after delivery

60 days for the shape and physical performance (No any change or fabrication on products)

6. Packing used (bulk) 

soft PP tape /wooden steel drum/ /wooden carton / plastic reel

7. Load system

- dryers used?  no

- Max. drum weight     7-10  tons

- Own trucks?  Yes

Sample quality control report documents


Design Department

1-Main production is standard products?  

 Customized or to named standard s

2-Capacity to produce OEM?    


3- Is there capacity to produce ODM?    


1- Local/Export percentage: 85% / 15%

2- Export Market: 

_ Europe (_10_%)    

__Middle East___ (_25__%)

__Asia   __ (__25 _%)   

___ Africa___ (__10___%)

__North America_ (__10__%) 

___South America  (____10___%)

__Oceania  (____10___%)


3- Language spoken:

English, Chinese,Russian


C) Environmental Protection (EP)

1. Any Environmental Protection Policy? Yes / No

Policy:    YES

2. Smoking rules? (are there Non-smoking stickers?)  YES

3. How is trash and waste materials stored ? SPECIFIED AREA

4. Environmental Certificate: (ISO) ISO14001


D) Hygiene and security conditions


1-Safety to workers

(masks, gloves, eye protection, fire control system –emergency exit and fire extinguisher or water facilities).     YES

2.Temperature/humidity/ventilation/lightning conditions   


3. Dormitory conditions.

Clean                     YES

People/room             6

Toilet/showers               YES

Recreation area           YES

ALSO pingpong ball/table ball/ Basketball court and etc.


4. Toilet/hand-washing facilities?  YES

5. Smoking rules? (are there Non-smoking stickers?)  yes

6. How is trash and waste materials stored (containers, …)

Specified area

7. Electrical equipment properly insulated? YES

8. First aid boxes YES


E) Personal remarks


Yiteng Cable Technology Hebei Co., Ltd.

Can produce

power cables and

electrical wires  

SFTP signal wires for electronic equipment   

Rubber cables

Electrical wires 


1. Was the factory busy?  YES.

2. Did you see any foreigners  in the ware-house?

Yes some of clients would visit the factory.   

3. Which is peak season and low season for orders?  

Peak season   Autumn and Winter , low season  Summer  
4. How much production can do every month or week? 

1,000,000 meters /month



CE /ISO9001/ ISO14001/ SGS / CCC / BV (China Compulsory Certificate )


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